Be Aware of Rimadyl's Known Side-effects

Updated November 08, 2001.

Who is this site for/what is here?

This site is for the email list. For support and info sharing for the humans. For direct, updated rimadyl info go to the Sr Dogs website.

The primary goal of our list is to share the information about the side effects of Rimadyl. What can be done to help our pets, and alternatives to Rimadyl.
Many people, vets included, don't know about the effects this drug can have on many of our furry friends.

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includes links to the Lawsuit against Pfizer, WTC 9-11 donations, news articles

Sr Dogs Project

the most up to date info!

It is the best site for info on Rimadyl and it's effects. They also have contact phone numbers, and the most recent materials and information.
Direct link to Sr Dogs Rimadyl info

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You may also wish to send a blank email to:
You will get much information in the form of links, including the link to Sr Dogs, and Adequan, an alternative injectable drug. As well as the ClassAction lawsuit, and much more.
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The doghealth2 email list is a group of people who believe their dogs were harmed by side effects of Rimadyl. Side effects which have not been clearly stated to vets and users of the drug.
It is a place to chat for people wanting to learn more.

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